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✈️ Where to travel in Europe in 2022? 10 destinations to discover!

Looking for where to travel in 2022? I invite you to discover the 10 trendy destinations for your holidays this year. Between the sun of Sardinia, the turquoise sea of Ibiza, or the volcanoes of Iceland: get inspired and escape with this Bucket List!


I strongly advise you to watch this video to discover these incredible destinations illustrated by beautiful videos! 🤩


10 - Croatia 🇭🇷

Between beautiful coasts, heavenly islands, cities and villages with a rich history of cultural mixtures, and natural parks of incredible beauty, you will realize that it is useless to go to the end of the world to find a little corner of paradise! Located on the Adriatic Sea, facing Italy, the country is fed by Mediterranean and Slavic influences.

Take a trip to Dubrovnik, for example, an architectural and historical treasure. you will fall under the spell of this majestic city, with its dazzling white walls, or discover the island of Mljet, a happy mix of beautiful coves, wild nature protected by a national park, pretty villages and small ports.

Only two hours from Paris, this small country with the appearance of the French Riviera will make your vacations unforgettable!


9 - Germany 🇩🇪

Germany as a tourist destination is much more multifaceted than the image of the country itself: the Rhur and the vast urbanized areas are not the whole of Germany!

Fjords and beautiful beaches on the north coast, snow-capped peaks and beautiful mountain roads in the Alps, and in between, many original routes: this is when the real heritage of Germany, both historical and natural, is finally discovered.

If you are looking for a postcard Germany, the Romantic Road (in Bavaria) is a must, with its medieval castles and picturesque villages. With its fairy-tale appearance, Neuschwanstein Castle could be considered the most iconic of German castles.


8 - Iceland🇮🇸

A rock lost in the Atlantic Ocean just a few miles from the Arctic Ocean, Iceland - literally the land of ice - is an island state perched at the northernmost tip of Europe.

Iceland is known as the "Land of Ice and Fire" because of the many glacier volcanoes that cover the island. 11% of Iceland is covered by glaciers, the largest of which covers much of the South and Highlands.

You can also see splendid and majestic waterfalls such as Dettifoss, the most powerful in Europe. The waterfalls propel the water to 44 meters high and 100 meters wide. But if you go to Iceland, don't miss to see the famous aurora borealis. A magical, surprising and unique show. The ideal period to observe the aurora borealis in Iceland is between September and March.


7 - Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Well, if you are dreaming of sunshine, it is certainly not there that you will spend your vacations. Nevertheless, Scotland is a country full of mystical places to visit.

What if you went to visit Edinburgh, a very rich historical and cultural city, cradle of many legends. Between its castle, its palace, its many museums and its gardens, you will not be bored!

There is also another activity more and more popular in Edinburgh: Ghost tour or "dark tourism" which are guided tours focused on legends and ghost stories.

Tell me you are a Harry Potter fan like me! In Scotland you can ride the Jacobite Express, the picturesque steam train that was partly used to represent the Hogwarts Express in the famous wizard's movies.


6 - England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

What to do in England? Visit Cornwall, of course. It is one of the emblematic regions of the country. There is also a whole historical and cultural part in Cornwall, like Tintagel and the ruins of King Arthur's birthplace or the Dartmoor National Park, with its menhirs, cairns, and circles of monoliths!

Between Dorset and Cornwall, Devon is an atypical and fabulous destination to visit in England. In Exmoor National Park, one of the most beautiful in the country, you can admire breathtaking waterfalls and gorges - whose scenery is more reminiscent of exotic destinations than England!

Also discover the city of York: This northern walled city is known for its imposing and beautiful Gothic cathedral, as well as for The Shambles, a picturesque cobblestone street, which inspired the crossroads in Harry Potter. You will also find charming cafés and small typical restaurants.


5 - France 🇫🇷

Why always go far away, when France possesses magnificent places?

What if you went to see the Gorges de l'Ardèche, a real canyon of about thirty kilometers, this site has been classified as a "national nature reserve".

You prefer lake and mountain ? Go to Lake Annecy, sometimes called the "blue lake", it was formed about 18,000 years ago when the great Alpine glaciers melted.

There is also Brittany and Saint Malo, this port city charms tourists with its coastline and its city, surrounded by ramparts. Inside, the castle, the Cathedral of Saint Vincent and the National Fort will take you back in time.


4 - Portugal 🇵🇹

For years, Portugal has been a favorite destination for French travelers and the rest of the world, and for good reason: between its magnificent beaches, its medieval cities, its monuments with amazing architecture, its wild landscapes, its colorful fishing villages and the kindness of the Portuguese,

It is understandable that some have made Portugal their favorite destination.

Lisbon, for example, is the place of choice for a trip to Portugal. Affordable, and really ideal for a city trip.

Head to Cape St. Vincent, the most southwestern tip of Europe, in the Algarve. In addition to discovering a rich marine fauna, you can visit the lighthouse and the monastery built on the cape, and stroll through the beautiful town of Sagres.


3 - Greece 🇬🇷

What can we say about Greece, except that this country concentrates so many archaeological nuggets and natural wonders? This country will immerse you in the world and ancient history, in the heart of a warm and preserved culture, and in the middle of beautiful mountains, heavenly islands and turquoise waters.

There is for example Athens, one of the most emblematic ancient cities of the country and today its capital!

Corfu is also a real jewel, one of the greenest islands of the country, thanks to the summer rains and its fields of olive trees. Above all, it is one of the most rural, authentic and peaceful islands of Greece, far from the tourist trails.

It is impossible to visit Greece without making a stop in the Cyclades! The name alone of this archipelago invites you to escape and get away from it all. This dream destination will charm travelers thanks to its magnificent landscapes, its charming Greek villages with white houses and azure blue roofs and its delicious beaches!


2 - Spain 🇪🇸

Spain has so much to offer. It's easy to see why it ranks among the world's top tourist destinations.

Madrid is one of the most beautiful destinations - especially if you are looking for a city with a change of scenery for a weekend. The city is full of monuments and tourist attractions to discover with delight.

You also have Granada, which was the last city to be reconquered by the Spanish Catholics in 1492, after several hundred years of Arab-Muslim rule. Thanks to this influence, the city has an impressive and fascinating architecture, of which the Alhambra is the highlight.

Come and visit Ibiza and be overwhelmed by the beauty of its landscape. The clear blue Mediterranean Sea borders the beautiful island as if to preserve it. Take advantage of its dry, mild and very sunny climate to enjoy and relax.

Come and spend an unforgettable vacation in this place known worldwide for its festive side but also its incredible charm.


1 - Italy 🇮🇹

Magnificent country of Southern Europe, land of contrasts and absolute change of scenery, it is an infinite choice which is offered to you: majestic monuments, rich and varied museums, authentic landscapes, and especially a unique art of living!

For example, you can choose Sardinia and its paradisiacal beaches. Renowned for its countless sandy beaches and hiking trails, Sardinia is one of the must-do destinations in Italy with nearly 2,000 km of coastline.

Or further north: Lake Garda, the largest Italian lake. The many villages, the most famous of which is Sirmione, are usually chosen as summer destinations by many Italian and foreign tourists.

There is of course Puglia, in the heel of the boot, a magical region where you can discover Polignano al Mare and its cliffs, Alberobello and its trulli, Bari and its orecchiette... In short, don't hesitate to go and see my vlog about my roadtrip in Puglia!

Don't miss the capital: Rome. Although very touristic, it is nevertheless impossible to miss the wonders of Rome if you visit Italy! In the eternal city, you can walk through the different eras.

And there is also Turin, which you can discover in my last vlog on Northern Italy. A city unknown to the French, but nevertheless so impressive and culturally rich...

My videos about Bella Italia ❤️

With subtitles of course :)


What about you, where are you planning to travel this year? Tell me in the comments!


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